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This is a site for my comic series called Scribbler Comics.  go to all comics and click on one of the links to read them.  I highly recomend you start by reading comic one.  There is a story line so you will not understand comics on the end unless you have read the ones before them.  otherwise, enjoy them, there's some real funny stuff.

 John is a character that is just a regular stick man.  He is studying for his physics degree.  John enjoys  videogames, comics, and his pet brick.    John lives with his best friend Bradley, and they do fun things together.  John is a democrat.

Bradley is a stickman with a brown hat on.  The hat is worth $11.99, and that's about all that he owns.  Bradley teaches chess, but makes so little money that John usually ends up paying their rent.  Bradley enjoys sledgehammers, lighting stuff on fire, chess, and the color brown.  Bradley is a republican.

Snooky is a brick.  Snooky fell on John's head one day while they were playing videogames.  They have been best freinds ever since.  Snooky sends notes and fights crime, without even moving.